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What is a dividend?

A dividend is the proportion of the profits of a corporation that is distributed to the shareholders. In the case of a corporation, the dividend is proposed by the board and approved by the general meeting. A simple majority, meaning more than 50% of the votes, is sufficient for this approval.

All shares that are held in the securities account of the investor on the day of the general meeting are liable to a dividend, in the event of a resolution.

The amount of the dividend is usually expressed as a monetary unit per share. As long as the general meeting does not specify a different date of payment, the payout will be made on the next trading day. The stock is traded at a discount relative to the gross return. Often the abbreviations "ex div" or "ex D" are to be found in newspapers, magazines or shareinformation on the Internet, in addition to the share, as a sign that on the day the dividend has already been paid out.

Taxation of dividends in Germany

With the introduction of the flat rate tax on 1 January 2009, the taxation of capital income for private investors changed. Amongst others, dividends also counts as capital gain, which is then taxed at a flat rate at a tax rate of 25%, added to this there is a solidarity surcharge and church tax where applicable.

The tax is paid directly to the source (for example your bank). If your personal tax rate is higher than the flat taxrate of 25%, you do not have to specify this capital gain on your tax return. Private investors whose personal tax rate is below 25% can reclaim the excess tax paid via income tax.

Dividend yield

The dividend yield is a measure of the value of a stock. The yield is calculated as below:
(Dividend / Share price) x 100
and is given as a percentage.

Dividendenchecker displays three different dividend yields:
  • Yield: (latest paid dividend / current share price) x 100
  • exYield: (latest paid dividend / share price on the day of the general meeting) x 100
  • eYield: (expected dividend / current share price) x 100