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The latest and expected dividends of the current DAX companies.

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Company Rate YldDiv18Yld18Div19 Yld19TrendeDiv eYldeGM
Link adidas AG268.801.25%2.601.37%3.351.34%up 14.05.2020
Link Allianz SE212.704.23%8.004.03%9.004.31%up 06.05.2020
Link BASF SE62.695.10%3.103.57%3.204.39%up 30.04.2020
Link BAYER AG54.825.11%2.802.73%2.804.55%equal 25.04.2020
Link Beiersdorf AG106.600.66%0.700.76%0.700.76%equal 16.04.2020
Link BMW AG St64.445.43%4.004.29%3.505.01%down 14.05.2020
Link Continental AG130.723.63%4.502.01%4.753.10%up 25.04.2020
Link Covestro AG44.015.45%2.202.75%2.404.34%up 11.04.2020
Link Daimler AG49.626.55%3.655.24%3.256.39%down 01.04.2020
Link Deutsche Bank AG6.361.73%0.111.06%0.111.70%equal 20.05.2020
Link Deutsche Boerse AG126.802.13%2.452.13%2.702.24%up 07.05.2020
Link Deutsche Lufthansa AG14.815.40%0.803.17%0.803.93%equal 06.05.2020
Link Deutsche Post AG28.394.05%1.153.04%1.153.98%equal 13.05.2020
Link Deutsche Telekom AG15.414.54%0.654.60%0.704.51%up 26.03.2020
Link E.ON SE9.934.33%0.303.15%0.434.46%up 13.05.2020
Link Fresenius M.C. AG & Co. KGaA St70.521.66%1.061.20%1.171.65%up 15.05.2020
Link Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA48.191.66%0.751.08%0.801.64%up 16.05.2020
Link HeidelbergCement AG70.482.98%1.902.26%2.103.01%up 08.05.2020
Link Henkel AG & Co. KGaA Vz84.842.18%1.791.67%1.852.04%up 20.04.2020
Link Infineon Technologies AG14.871.82%0.251.12%0.271.37%up 20.02.2020
Link Linde plc179.251.63%2.932.03% up3.111.74%26.07.2019
Link Merck KGaA91.741.36%1.251.51%1.251.31%up 24.04.2020
Link Munich Re SE225.404.10%8.604.35%9.254.15%up 29.04.2020
Link RWE AG St22.733.08%1.507.02%0.703.10%up 28.04.2020
Link SAP SE118.501.27%1.401.44%1.501.33%up 14.05.2020
Link Siemens AG105.743.59%3.703.03%3.803.81%up 05.02.2020
Link ThyssenKrupp AG12.041.25%0.150.57%0.150.94%equal 31.01.2020
Link Volkswagen AG Vz147.183.30%3.962.29%4.863.26%up 13.05.2020
Link Vonovia SE42.913.36%1.323.24%1.442.95%up 15.05.2020
Link Wirecard AG151.250.13%0.180.12%0.200.13%up 17.06.2020
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Yld: Dividend yield in relation to the latest dividend paid out at the current rate
Div18: Dividends paid out in the calendar year 2018 in €
Yld18: Dividend yield in relation to the dividend paid out at the rate at the general meeting in the calendar year 2018
Div19: Dividends paid out in the calendar year 2019 in €
Yld19: Dividend yield in relation to the dividend paid out at the rate at the general meeting in the calendar year 2019
Trend: Comparison of the last dividend paid out (without special or bonus dividend) and that from the previous year
eDiv: Expected dividend in €
eYld: Dividend yield in relation to the expected dividend at the rate
eGM: Expected date of the next general meeting