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SDAX - Small-Cap Deutscher Aktienindex

The latest and expected dividends of the current SDAX companies.

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Company Rate YldDiv18Yld18Div19 Yld19TrendeDiv eYldeGM
Link ADLER Real Estate AG11.440.00%0.040.25%0.000.00%no 10.06.2020
Link ADO Properties S.A.34.502.17%0.601.31%0.751.99%up 19.06.2020
Link ADVA Optical Networking SE7.540.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 13.05.2020
Link AIXTRON SE8.710.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 20.05.2020
Link Amadeus FiRe AG109.604.25%3.964.13%4.663.78%up 22.05.2020
Link BayWa AG27.203.31%0.903.06%0.903.32%equal 27.05.2020
Link Befesa S.A.35.753.69%0.731.77%1.323.80%up 18.06.2020
Link Bertrandt AG52.304.78%2.502.46%2.002.60%down 19.02.2020
Link Bilfinger SE30.943.23%1.002.55%1.003.39%equal 23.04.2020
Link Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. KGaA8.200.73%0.060.69% equal0.060.73%25.11.2019
Link CECONOMY AG4.580.00%0.262.30%0.000.00%no 12.02.2020
Link CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA87.402.23%1.852.18%1.952.31%up 04.06.2020
Link Corestate Capital Holding S.A.33.957.36%2.004.34%2.506.81%up 24.04.2020
Link Dermapharm Holding SE35.882.15%0.000.00%0.772.42%up 03.06.2020
Link Deutsche Beteiligungs AG38.403.78%1.402.98%1.454.13%up 20.02.2020
Link Deutsche EuroShop AG27.105.54%1.454.65%1.505.61%up1.555.72%16.06.2020
Link Deutz AG5.702.63%0.151.88%0.151.71%equal 14.05.2020
Link DIC Asset AG13.263.62%0.645.89%0.484.58%up 20.03.2020
Link DMG MORI AG43.000.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 08.05.2020
Link Dr. Hönle AG47.301.27%0.600.80%0.801.67%up 25.03.2020
Link Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA56.050.34%0.460.76%0.190.36%down 08.05.2020
Link DWS Group 31.064.41%0.000.00%1.374.46%up 04.06.2020
Link Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen AG172.800.69%0.802.18%1.201.23%up 17.06.2020
Link Encavis AG9.092.64%0.223.32%0.243.78%up 14.05.2020
Link HAMBORNER REIT AG9.594.80%0.454.74%0.464.93%up 06.05.2020
Link Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG25.003.20%0.673.16%0.803.57%up 17.06.2020
Link Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG1.310.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 23.07.2020
Link HelloFresh SE16.320.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 19.06.2020
Link HORNBACH Holding AG & Co. KGaA54.902.73%1.502.40%1.502.80%equal 10.07.2020
Link HYPOPORT AG274.000.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 14.05.2020
Link Indus Holding AG36.954.06%1.502.60%1.503.68%equal 20.05.2020
Link Instone Real Estate Group AG19.880.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 12.06.2020
Link Isra Vision AG45.180.33%0.120.28%0.150.42%up 17.03.2020
Link Jenoptik AG27.881.26%0.300.79%0.351.24%up 11.06.2020
Link JOST Werke AG 30.053.66%0.501.41%1.103.59%up 08.05.2020
Link Jungheinrich AG23.342.14%0.501.33%0.501.61%equal 29.04.2020
Link Kloeckner & Co SE5.715.26%0.302.89%0.305.53%equal 20.05.2020
Link Koenig & Bauer AG32.003.13%0.901.26%1.002.66%up 19.05.2020
Link Krones AG64.552.63%1.701.44%1.702.39%equal 18.05.2020
Link KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA61.301.04%3.201.21% equal0.671.09%17.12.2019
Link Leoni AG11.780.00%1.402.70%0.000.00%no 15.05.2020
Link New Work SE281.002.03%1.680.62%5.701.65%up 05.06.2020
Link Nordex SE13.010.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 03.06.2020
Link NORMA Group SE38.062.89%1.051.52%1.103.01%up 14.05.2020
Link PATRIZIA Immobilien AG18.531.46%0.251.48%0.271.45%up 01.07.2020
Link Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG158.501.45%2.001.33%2.301.74%up 22.05.2020
Link RHOEN-KLINIKUM AG18.521.57%0.220.82%0.291.12%up 04.06.2020
Link RIB Software SE24.320.74%0.180.83%0.181.17%equal 14.05.2020
Link S & T AG21.500.74%0.130.64%0.160.80%up 20.05.2020
Link SAF-HOLLAND S.A.7.356.12%0.452.76%0.453.94%equal 24.04.2020
Link Salzgitter AG17.893.08%0.450.98%0.552.26%up 28.05.2020
Link Schaeffler AG10.205.39%0.554.16%0.556.71%equal 17.04.2020
Link SGL CARBON SE4.630.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 22.04.2020
Link SHOP APOTHEKE EUROPE N.V.37.600.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 29.04.2020
Link Sixt SE St85.452.52%4.004.10%2.152.36%up 03.06.2020
Link SMA Solar Technology AG32.240.00%0.350.62%0.000.00%no 04.06.2020
Link Stabilus S.A.62.801.59%0.801.00%1.002.02%up 12.02.2020
Link Steinhoff International Holdings N.V.0.060.00%0.000.00% no 30.08.2019
Link Ströer SE & Co.KGaA72.202.77%1.302.26%2.003.29%up 18.06.2020
Link Suedzucker AG12.601.59%0.453.52%0.201.48%down 16.07.2020
Link TAKKT AG11.447.43%0.553.24%0.856.24%equal 14.05.2020
Link Talanx AG43.263.35%1.403.81%1.454.07%up 07.05.2020
Link TLG IMMOBILIEN AG26.853.39%0.823.36%0.913.44%up 20.05.2020
Link TRATON SE24.750.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 2020
Link VARTA AG103.600.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 20.05.2020
Link Wacker Chemie AG63.863.91%4.502.92%2.503.59%equal 20.05.2020
Link Wacker Neuson SE16.396.71%0.602.24%1.105.02%equal 27.05.2020
Link WashTec AG47.055.21%2.453.07%2.453.62%equal 28.04.2020
Link Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG18.903.44%0.653.37%0.653.48%equal 04.06.2020
Link zooplus AG95.000.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 13.06.2020
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Yld: Dividend yield in relation to the latest dividend paid out at the current rate
Div18: Dividends paid out in the calendar year 2018 in €
Yld18: Dividend yield in relation to the dividend paid out at the rate at the general meeting in the calendar year 2018
Div19: Dividends paid out in the calendar year 2019 in €
Yld19: Dividend yield in relation to the dividend paid out at the rate at the general meeting in the calendar year 2019
Trend: Comparison of the last dividend paid out (without special or bonus dividend) and that from the previous year
eDiv: Expected dividend in €
eYld: Dividend yield in relation to the expected dividend at the rate
eGM: Expected date of the next general meeting