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What is a dividend?


Top eYield

Before a dividend stock becomes a pearl, it must prove itself on Top eYield - the list of the best expected returns. eYield is made up of the current price and the expected dividend of a company, as opposed to the pearl, which takes into account the closing price at the annual general meeting and the dividend actually paid. Companies in the DAX, MDAX, SDAX, TecDAX, ÖkoDAX, ATX and SMI are used as the basis for this.

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Company RateeDiv eYldeGM
Link BAWAG Group AG30.522.618.55%30.10.2020
Link Erste Group Bank AG19.851.507.56%10.11.2020
Link Raiffeisen Bank Inter. AG15.201.006.58%20.10.2020
Link TRATON SE16.461.006.08%23.09.2020
Link Vienna Insurance Group AG18.961.156.07%25.09.2020
Link OMV Aktiengesellschaft28.881.756.06%29.09.2020
Link HAMBORNER REIT AG8.730.475.38%08.10.2020
Link DWS Group 31.401.675.32%18.11.2020
Link Evonik Industries AG24.001.154.79%31.08.2020
Link S IMMO AG15.200.704.61%12.10.2020
Link Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG15.660.704.47%20.08.2020
Link CA Immobilien Anlagen AG27.051.003.70%25.08.2020
Link Volkswagen AG Vz132.864.863.66%30.09.2020
Link Telekom Austria AG6.380.233.61%24.09.2020
Link Ströer SE & Co.KGaA59.502.003.36%04.11.2020
Link UBS Group AG11.010.3653.32%19.11.2020
Link Deutsche Post AG36.481.153.15%27.08.2020
Link ADO Properties S.A.25.280.752.97%2020
Link LEG Immobilien AG125.723.602.86%19.08.2020
Link GEA GROUP AG30.750.852.76%26.11.2020
Link Indus Holding AG29.750.802.69%13.08.2020
Link ZEAL Network SE36.900.802.17%19.06.2020
Link Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA39.150.842.15%28.08.2020
Link LANXESS AG46.160.952.06%27.08.2020
Link CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA102.002.001.96%06.10.2020
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eDiv: Expected dividend in €
eYld: Dividend yield in relation to the expected dividend at the current rate
eGM: Expected date of the next general meeting