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What is a dividend?


Top eYield

Before a dividend stock becomes a pearl, it must prove itself on Top eYield - the list of the best expected returns. eYield is made up of the current price and the expected dividend of a company, as opposed to the pearl, which takes into account the closing price at the annual general meeting and the dividend actually paid. Companies in the DAX, MDAX, SDAX, TecDAX, ÖkoDAX, ATX and SMI are used as the basis for this.

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Company RateeDiv eYldeGM
Link Amadeus FiRe AG113.604.664.10%23.05.2019
Link Cie Financière Richemont SA85.542.002.34%11.09.2019
Link Linde plc181.303.111.72%26.07.2019
Link Scout24 AG49.800.641.29%30.08.2019
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eDiv: Expected dividend in €
eYld: Dividend yield in relation to the expected dividend at the current rate
eGM: Expected date of the next general meeting