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The latest and expected dividends of the current TecDAX companies.

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Company Rate YldDiv19Yld19Div20 Yld20TrendeDiv eYldeGM
Link 1&1 Drillisch AG23.960.21%0.050.17%0.050.22%equal 18.05.2021
Link AIXTRON SE10.690.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 19.05.2021
Link Bechtle AG170.100.71%1.000.90%1.200.78%up 26.05.2021
Link CANCOM SE51.350.97%0.501.09%0.501.06%equal 29.06.2021
Link Carl Zeiss Meditec AG92.950.70%0.550.69%0.650.71%up 05.08.2021
Link CompuGroup Medical SE75.550.66%0.500.84%0.500.67%equal 12.05.2021
Link Deutsche Telekom AG14.844.04%0.704.51%0.603.91%down 18.06.2021
Link Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA79.000.24%0.190.36% down0.190.24%30.09.2020
Link Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen AG42.561.00%1.201.23%1.701.23%up 09.06.2021
Link EVOTEC AG23.200.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 15.06.2021
Link freenet AG15.200.26%1.657.94%0.040.25%down 26.05.2021
Link Infineon Technologies AG22.041.23%0.271.37%0.271.24%equal 19.02.2021
Link Jenoptik AG23.420.56%0.351.24%0.130.56%down 06.08.2021
Link MorphoSys AG107.000.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 26.05.2021
Link Nemetschek SE63.000.44%0.810.56%0.280.45%up 18.06.2021
Link New Work SE298.500.87%5.701.65%2.590.92%up 28.05.2021
Link Nordex SE10.870.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 25.05.2021
Link Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG163.000.77%2.301.74%1.250.77%down 19.05.2021
Link QIAGEN N.V.40.000.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 29.06.2021
Link S & T AG25.080.00%0.160.80%0.000.00%no 15.06.2021
Link SAP SE137.221.15%1.501.33%1.581.43%up 19.05.2021
Link Sartorius AG Vz.338.600.11%0.620.41%0.360.12%down 25.06.2021
Link Siemens Healthineers AG41.281.94%0.701.98%0.801.94%up 11.02.2021
Link Siltronic AG73.784.07%5.005.97%3.003.35%down 25.06.2021
Link Software AG40.801.86%0.712.32%0.762.15%up 25.06.2021
Link TeamViewer AG43.000.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 28.05.2021
Link Telefonica Deutschland Holding AG2.297.41%0.279.46%0.176.07%down 19.05.2021
Link United Internet AG40.251.24%0.050.15%0.501.37%up 19.05.2021
Link VARTA AG110.000.00%0.000.00%0.000.00%no 17.06.2021
Link Wirecard AG1.8011.11%0.200.13% up 26.08.2020
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Yld: Dividend yield in relation to the latest dividend paid out at the current rate
Div19: Dividends paid out in the calendar year 2019 in €
Yld19: Dividend yield in relation to the dividend paid out at the rate at the general meeting in the calendar year 2019
Div20: Dividends paid out in the calendar year 2020 in €
Yld20: Dividend yield in relation to the dividend paid out at the rate at the general meeting in the calendar year 2020
Trend: Comparison of the last dividend paid out (without special or bonus dividend) and that from the previous year
eDiv: Expected dividend in €
eYld: Dividend yield in relation to the expected dividend at the rate
eGM: Expected date of the next general meeting