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What is a dividend?



Shareholders are guided by various investment criteria when buying securities. Speculative investors perhaps search for a suitable Pennystock, conservatives more likely the Bluechip or shares of a rock-solid company.

A criterion can also be the dividend of the corporation, which in one company or another can certainly stand up to the return of a Savings Bondor call deposit account, in which case the share price of the security sinks.

Dividendenchecker is designed to give you an overview of current dividend yields and returns in relation to the expected dividend. Furthermore you will find stocks with the top dividends in 2009 to 2023, a list of securities with the associated dividend categorized according to their index (currently 210 items in the DAX, MDAX, SDAX, TecDAX, ÖkoDAX, ATX and SMI) and interesting facts about the topic of dividends.